December Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Happy holidays!

This year simultaneously feels like the longest and the shortest on record. It’s been one bizarre experience after another and while 2020 is days away from being over, January 1st won’t prove to be an immediate return to “normal”—whatever that means!

It’s important to address the topic of mental health as we not only enter the holiday season but get deeper into the winter months and face even more isolation and disruption in routine.

Check on your loved ones, neighbors, friends, and coworkers, albeit safely and from a distance. Drop a note, deliver a gift, schedule a phone call or video chat. Take the time to be intentional about connection and well-being, especially now. In turn, your own mental health and spirits will be better for the effort.

Someday, things will be better. And, it’s okay to admit when things just aren’t. That’s normal and that’s important to share, too.

We wish you and your families the best this holiday season. Thank you for being part of our network of support.

All our best,

Reyne & Scott Roeder

Grief Resources for Families

Loss and grief never completely go away, but there’s just something extra hard about managing the holidays for the first time without a loved one. We’ve celebrated many holidays and milestones without Jackson and it’s never easy.

If you’re new to grief or supporting someone who is, the Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund website is a great resource to pass along. We’ve carefully curated a list of organizations, events, and groups that can offer hope and direction for those struggling through loss.

See our resources on grief here.

The 2020 Matching Gift Challenge

Now through December 31, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is hosting its donation match to help raise critical funds to help meet the rising needs of the people it serves.

Each donation, up to a very generous $100,000 will be matched dollar for dollar. NAMI has been an important resource for our efforts and we’ll continue to support this crucial organization in collaboration of cause and awareness.

To donate and learn more about NAMI’s mission, visit the website. Gifts can be made in honor or memory of loved ones.


IKEA & Kids

In November, Governor Tim Walz announced a gift of $1.2 million from IKEA US Community Foundation that will be dedicated to the state’s school-linked mental health programs.

The exact donation in the amount of $1,212,521 matches the amount of money the state paid in unemployment insurance to IKEA retail employees at the start of the pandemic.

The funds will provide resources to 58 mental health providers covering 1,100 school sites across the state who play a critical role in caring for the health of children and families, especially now, coping with isolation and stress stemming from distant learning.

Earlier this year, the Minnesota Legislature diverted $3 million in CARES Act funding toward youth mental health services.


Resources & Can't-Miss:

Therapists Predict How the Holidays Will Affect Mental Health
Blog from HuffPost featuring insight from Taryn Hiatt, a national director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Suicide Prevention Training
Virtual training through CentraCare to enhance knowledge of mental health awareness and suicide warning risks. January 4, 2021. Free registration here.

Support Groups for Family Members
Group support through NAMI for families and friends of those living with mental illness or suicide survivors.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 or text “MN” to 741-741

Continue to stay up-to-date by following the Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund Facebook page where we will share information and events with the community on mental health and suicide prevention.