January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

January is Mental Wellness Month—a month dedicated to promoting overall mental wellness. It addresses the holistic collaboration of life combining emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects as they come together for a complete state of well-being.

The New Year often signals a clean slate and a chance to reflect on what the past year brought and what the next year can bring. Tying in mental wellness and addressing a dedication to self-awareness year-round is a good starting point for us all.

As an organization, we’ll continue to advocate for mental health as an ordinary, everyday topic no different than annual physicals or dental exams. It should not come with the connotation of anything other than a standard pillar of life.

With that, we encourage you all to make 2021 the year you prioritize your mental wellness and encourage those around you to do the same. Strength in numbers! And, with enough commitment and narrative embracing the normalcy of being open about our mental wellness, we can do great things in its name.

Here’s to health,

Reyne & Scott Roeder

S.A.V.E. Suicide Prevention Training

Through CentraCare Foundation, access to S.A.V.E. Suicide Prevention gatekeeper training is available Tuesday, February 2nd, at noon CST. Registration is free—complete your information here.

The S.A.V.E. model—Signs of suicide, Asking about suicide, Validating feelings, Encouraging help, & Expediting treatment—teaches individuals how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, how to respond, and connect someone to help.

Again in the vein of removing stigma and advancing the normalization of mental health, S.A.V.E. aims to increase the number of trained responders in our communities in order to improve the health and safety of our people. Just as CPR taught community members to keep people alive until they could connect them with a healthcare professional, S.A.V.E. suicide prevention training does the same for those at risk of suicide.

Register today.

A True Gift

In early December, we received a message from Abbey Laudenbach with Laudenbach Group letting us know the Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund was the chosen recipient of a $600 check as a result of a November nonprofit/charity promotion Abbey and team hosted. For each mortgage closing her team facilitated, they donated $25 to our organization, an incredibly compassionate, genuine gift that truly surprised us. We know we are surrounded by the best network and village of supporters and Abbey’s donation further cemented our belief in that notion.

We asked Abbey to share her story with us.

“In 2021 my team has a goal to help make a difference in our communities and our clients’ lives. One way we intend to do this is to give back a portion of our proceeds from every mortgage closing within a month to a different non-profit organization.

We found a creative way to get our clients involved with how each organization is chosen. When a client’s loan closes, they receive an email with the opportunity to nominate a local non-profit of their choice. At the end of the month, our team randomly draws the winner to receive that month’s overall donation. Calvin and Alli Herold were our clients who chose the Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund to benefit.

In times where life seems to take many different turns, we’ve been lucky enough to stay healthy, stay busy with work, and work from home safely while helping our families with distance learning as needed. We understand that while everyone might be experiencing challenges, there are some who might be struggling more and could use a little extra help. We are hoping to bring some light to others any way we can.”

Thank you, Abbey and team (and clients!) for this generous donation and lifting our spirits with your goodwill and compassion. We’re grateful.


Resources & Can't-Miss:

How to Set Mental Health Goals in 2021
Blog from Oregon Counseling on how mental wellness can be supported through goals and active prioritization in the New Year.

A Beautiful Gift
Our Jackson was an incredibly talented artist and art is best when shared. A portion of Jackson’s original artwork is available for purchase and with each piece, funds directly support our mission. See artwork here. (It makes for incredible gifts!)

Take 5 to Save Lives
More people across the globe die from suicide than war and murder combined. Take 5 minutes to get involved and be informed to help combat that staggering statistic. Take 5 to Save Lives.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 or text “MN” to 741-741

Continue to stay up-to-date by following the Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund Facebook page where we will share information and events with the community on mental health and suicide prevention.