November Newsletter


With Halloween and Daylight Savings Time now behind us, we seem to be in a fever pitch approaching the holidays. The store shelves are restocked with what’s next, pumpkin spice a thing of the past. Gift guides are out, Christmas lights are up, and seemingly, Thanksgiving barely has a say in any of it.

Among all the chaos and goodness that comes with the hustle and bustle comes the inevitability of who will bless your table during this holiday season. That’s the really good part—seeing our loved ones and carrying on tradition alongside our favorite faces.

For far too many families and individuals this time of year, the idea of who won’t be at our tables is what takes over everything else. Loss is impossibly hard 365 days a year, but there are definite triggers like the holidays that tend to deepen the hurt.

If there’s a spot missing at your table this season, know that we empathize with you and wish we could lessen the pain. May your grief remind you of the love that is still very much alive for those you miss and mourn.

All our best,

Reyne & Scott Roeder


Return of Kindness

We are more alike than we are different. Sometimes, it takes a refresher on the topic of humanity to remind ourselves of that fact. In a world that seems to share more and more via social media, let’s be softer in recognizing that what everyone shares isn’t always the whole picture or entire truth. People often suffer in silence and we never know what someone else is going through, until we take the opportunity to ask, to extend kindness and grace in our everyday encounters with one another.

World Kindness Day is a global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. The purpose of this day, celebrated on November 13th of each year, is to help everyone understand that compassion for others is what binds us all together. This understanding has the power to bridge the gap between nations.

International Suicide Survivor Day 11/21

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day is an event in which survivors of suicide loss come together to find connection, understanding, and hope through their shared experience. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention offers resources for survivors no matter where they’re at in their grief journey, whether still in the acute stage of reeling pain and disbelief to the active, ongoing prevention many survivors find themselves in.

You are not alone, and your story matters. In 2020, 46,000 Americans died by suicide. The survivors of those loved ones compound, meaning there are likely millions of people grappling with such devastating loss each year. By banding together and recognizing the work yet to be done in suicide prevention, we can offer love and light towards one another through the darkness.

We encourage you to learn more about support and resources available to survivors—our family has found this incredibly helpful in our own journey. Here’s a great article to start with, 10 Reasons to Attend a Survivor Day Event.

Give to the Max Day in Minnesota

What is Give to the Max Day: Give to the Max is a statewide outpouring of support for thousands of nonprofits and schools across Minnesota! It’s backed by GiveMN, which launched in 2009 as a collaborative venture led by Minnesota Community Foundation and many other organizations committed to helping make our state a better place to live.

How Does it Work: Give to the Max Day is Minnesota’s most impactful, single day of individual giving. In 2020, selfless donors gave more than $20 million to thousands of nonprofits across our state.

How Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund Benefits: All efforts of our organization are made possible through donations. Our mission is to spread awareness about mental health, suicide prevention, and grief support in times of loss.

What Your Support Means: Continued advocacy, training, and resource creation to address mental health stigma, a wider network of allied forces, and events that unite families, businesses, and the community around the topic of mental health and suicide prevention.

How You Can Give to the Max on JRMF’s Behalf: Make a donation anytime, or specifically on Give to the Max Day on 11/18. Head to the Donate Page on Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund.

Marco’s Matching Gift

CentraCare Foundation’s year-end giving campaign is fully underway and this year’s donations will directly impact its mental health care services. Made more impactful is the generosity of Marco, as the company announced its intention to match up to $100,000 for any new gifts received by Dec. 31, 2021.

Donations can be made here!

Jackson Roeder Art Installation Moves

Jackson’s artwork has moved to its final display destination for 2021. It will be exhibited at CentraCare Coordinated Care Clinic in St. Cloud through December 31st.

We are grateful for the many organizations and places that have presented Jackson’s artwork prominently throughout the course of this year, and we feel honored to collaborate with The Coordinated Care Clinic. It’s a facility designed for patients with complicated medical, mental health, and social needs that can result in frequent hospitalization.

Resources & Can't-Miss:

Virtual Suicide Survivor Day
Online event for International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day 11/20 from 10am-12pm. Survivors of suicide loss come together to find connection, understanding, and hope through their shared experience. Registration is free.

Benefitting Mental Health By Doing “Real Things”
Blog from Outdoor Magazine highlighting how physical activity benefits mental health just as much, if not more, than it does the body.

Angel of Hope Candlelight Vigil
Event celebrating the Angel of Hope at Sartell Community Center. The Angel symbolizes a place to seek comfort and solace for those who have lost a child. 6:30-8:30pm, Monday, December 6th.

Breakthroughs in Treating Depression
Article from U.S. News & World Report introducing the clinical treatment called SAINT, an intensive form of magnetic stimulation (TMS) that targets severe depression.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 or text “MN” to 741-741

Continue to stay up-to-date by following the Jackson Roeder Memorial Fund Facebook page where we will share information and events with the community on mental health and suicide prevention.