Summer in Review


We hope you are doing well and are having a great summer. This summer, we have been busy advocating and were given an incredible gift that we can’t wait to share with all of you.

After much advocacy and work with legislation, the FCC designated 9-8-8 as the nationwide suicide prevention hotline number. Similar to calling 9-1-1, when there is a mental health crisis you can dial three numbers, rather than the standard 10. This is a great step toward mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

Earlier this summer, we discovered another one of Jackon’s paintings. Below is a story from Scott Roeder, Jackson’s dad, explaining how they found the painting.

The Dancing Girl Story

“I received an email from Jackson’s website on May 30th that an individual had something Reyne and I may be interested in. I replied, asking for a cellphone number to connect. We were unsure if the message was real or not. I received an email back from Anthony and we were able to connect. He shared that he acquired one of Jackson’s paintings, one that was not on our website. He said it was a dancing girl. Reyne, Cassie and I remembered this painting a bit.

When we met Anthony, the Friday before Father’s Day, he brought the painting for us to view. He said that he saw the piece during a gig at the Veranda Lounge, where Jackson's work was featured in 2011. Anthony loved the vibrant colors Jackson used and really enjoyed playing in front of a "wall of art". One piece in particular caught Anthony's eye, but before he could even think about purchasing it, one of Anthony's friends who was attending the show took it off the wall and bought it on the spot! Anthony told us that later he called Jackson, and asked what he would charge if Anthony were to buy all the remaining pieces on the wall. While they did not end up striking a deal, Reyne remembers Jackson telling her someone wanted to buy a "wall of art".

Over the years, "The Dancing Girl" remained a talking point between Anthony and his friend. He was always gently reminded of the "piece that got away". Then earlier this summer, as a sign of friendship and appreciation for helping her move, "The Dancing Girl" was given to Anthony.

When Anthony showed us the painting we thought it was acrylic, but were surprised it is oil. We are very thankful that Anthony is allowing us to scan the original for our website. Reprints will be available for purchase soon. Anthony graciously wrote a check to the Jackson Memorial Fund for what the painting was sold for in 2011. Being a musician, Anthony also offered to play at any upcoming fundraisers for Jackson’s fund, complementarity.

It was a wonderful Father’s Day gift.

– Scott Roeder

April Events

Matt Orth Memorial Golf Tournament
Saturday, Aug 1 – Saturday, Aug 8

Let the Sunshine Run/Walk
Saturday, August 1
7:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Run with the Herd
Thursday, August 20
5:30 PM  9:00 PM

Resources to Share

This month, we wanted to feature the Action Alliance as a resource we commonly use. Fall will be here soon and September is Suicide Prevention month. During the month of September, the Action Alliance will be encouraging us to #BeThere for others. To learn more about their campaign and to sign up for their newsletter, click the button below. 

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